Menarche. Birth. Menopause.

Initiating women and girls into the sacred blood mysteries through ceremony and sovereign well women's care

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Your body and blood are the fertile ground for living an inspired, radically authentic and wild life.

Do you feel it?

The deep calling to center yourself in rich womb wisdom and share it with the women around you…

The knowing that there is more to be discovered and shared in the depths and rhythms of your womb…

The longing to create a life that honors your cyclical rhythms and guide others to do the same…

The craving to go above and beyond in your facilitator practice as a lighthouse of wisdom for your community...

Women are indoctrinated into viewing their hormones as pathology, through Pap Smears, hormonal contraceptives, and the tools of allopathy.
We were not taught that it is possible to actually heal, but rather, we are groomed to defer our autonomy to medical professionals.
Female physiology is unique--it's not to be dictated or pathologized by men.
You already serve women. 
Maybe you host women's circles.
Maybe you serve women in birth and postpartum.
But what about everything else?
What about the women in your community slipping through the cracks?
What about the women struggling with infertility, with endometriosis, with PCOS, PMDD, fibroids, and other womb imbalances that are pathologized without root cause treatment?
Do you know how to serve them?  To support their bodies so that they can HEAL?
-Being able to view the physiology of the body through a different lens through the teachings of East Asian Medicine
-Being able to understand how the hormones in the body actually work beyond the lens of menstruation so that you are able to address imbalances clearly and confidently
-Being able to confidently formulate yoni steam blends and protocols for women suffering from serious imbalances
-Being able to use acupressure and abdominal massage to support root cause healing and hormone regulation
-Understanding herbal protocols to help support the individual woman, not just "this herb for that symptom"
-Addressing issues through diet and lifestyle changes that seem tangible and not overwhelming
-Being able to understand and address nervous system regulation and how our stress responses prevent our bodies from being able to heal themselves
-Understanding estrogen dominance, the role it plays in chronic reproductive illnesses, and how to support a healthy hormonal cascade
-Being able to interpret basal body temperature charts beyond the variations of normal to facilitate healing
Are you willing to be the wise woman that your community relies on to heal?

It's time to step up the way you serve women into a full spectrum, well-women practice, fully outside the medical paradigm. 

You already understand some of the basics around your menstrual cycle—and maybe even have some experience working with archetypes...

but you’re ready to dive deeper and THRIVE.

You are ready for a clear framework to work with menstrual challenges and become THE wise woman in your community.


You are here to heal yourself and light the path for others.

Working with women is your life’s work. There is deep power waiting for you on the other side of this initiation into the blood mysteries.

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This isn’t your basic fertility awareness program

 This school provides you tools to heal yourself, practices to embody your womb wisdom, and opportunities to practice sharing your unique voice. We leave no stone unturned,- including technical teachings about our hormones, herbal wisdom, the archetypal energies of our cycles, tools for leading women's groups and ceremonies, and so much more! 


This is a comprehensive, rooted approach to transform your life and your teaching practice

The Blood Mysteries School blends the sacred and the science of the seasons of womanhood. We'll journey through the map of the menstrual cycle and you will leave feeling confident to guide other women along this path.

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This is the foundational education you won't find anywhere else....

This is a journey into your own depths, following the seasons of the cycle and the related archetypes.

It’s a spiritual journey and a living inquiry into our sacred blood.

If you’re ready to learn about our cycles in an embodied, hormonally intelligent and spiritually rooted way so you can be a nurturing leader and womb wisdom educator in your community, join us. 

During this 4 month program, we will travel through each phase of the cycle and its related archetype to fully experience the embodied wisdom that our cycles offer. Our unique and comprehensive curriculum includes:


  • The wisdom of hormonal physiology and how to work with the hormonal rhythms.
  • Weaving community and showing up as your authentic self.
  • The ceremonial aspects of leading women’s circles and holding sacred space.
  • Getting to root causes of menstrual health challenges through the lens of Chinese Medicine.
  • Ancient wisdom of plant allies for modern ailments.
  • Body literacy from fertility awareness to embodied anatomy of arousal.
  • The archetypal nature of womanhood as a path to self discovery and self mastery.
  • You are a wild woman ready to claim the power and pleasure of embracing all the seasons of the cycle

  • You are suffering from PCOS, endometriosis or facing other physical challenges and you're ready to heal
  •  You are a birth keeper or educator wanting to add to your skill set in serving women

  • You want to be the leader in your community around womb wisdom for women and coming-of-age girls

  • You like to go deep and want to get into the details of the cycle

  • You want to be confident working with and teaching other cycle variations different than your own
  • You want to learn how to support your body, mind and spirit through the seasons of the cycle

  • You’re ready to gain resources for menstrual healing - physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and sexually -- for yourself and others 

  • You are ready to harness your inner Maiden, Mother, Sorceress, and Crone and truly know them and what they have to offer you as a divine Woman

  • You crave community with like-minded women and want inspiration to move forward creating community and hosting women’s circles

  • You are ready to do the work to heal your spiritual lineage and your physical body

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I’m a women’s coach and circle leader, shamanic facilitator, sacred sound therapist, birth keeper, and mother of 3. I am a ceremonial leader in my community and teach women and coming-of-age girls about the power of their cycles. I use my gifts of voice, sound, sensitivity and connection to spirit to guide women from all around the world to awaken their ancient deep feminine wisdom, embody the Wise Woman within and live in truth and power.


I’m an acupuncturist and herbalist, somatic sex educator and mama of two. I work with women across the womb cycle continuum to claim agency and find lasting healing and nourishment. Healing my own menstrual challenges was my initiation into the blood mysteries and sharing womb wisdom. My teaching is inspired by my own journey and my studies of East Asian Medicine, functional medicine, tantra and somatic healing.

"I left this course with so much reverence for the brilliance of my female body and with many new tools to support a healthy cycle. Kristin is extremely knowledgable about cycle health and women's health at large. I learned so much from the material and through the many embodied practices and live transmissions. "

- Emily A -

Our inaugural  program begins February 2nd, 2022 and runs until May 21st, 2022
Opening Ceremony and Program Orientation  

February 2nd 12 pm PST // 3 pm EST for 2 hours

Here we will join hearts in song, meditation, introductions and sharing so that we can create a ceremonial container to dive deeply together over the next 4 months


Weekly Classes

Thursdays at 12pm PST // 3 pm EST beginning February 3rd for 2 hours 

In these dynamic, engaging core curriculum classes, we will combine teaching transmissions, embodiment practices, and ceremonial experiences. We'll also make space to answer your questions.


Mentorship Mondays

12 pm PST // 3 pm EST for 2 hours 

These gatherings are a time to share your joys and struggles, be witnessed by your community and receive mentorship from Kristin & Nancy. 


Monthly Essential Weekend Workshops

12 pm PST // 3 pm EST 2 hours, first Sunday of each month 

These rich and beautiful workshops will take you deeper into understanding your own body and sexuality. You'll also learn how to guide other women and young girls through this material, create powerful ceremonial spaces, and heal traumas around your initiation into menarche. (Read on for more details.)


Closing Ceremony and Integration

May 21st 12 pm PST // 3 pm EST 2 hours

We will join hearts in song, meditation, sharing and prayer to close our powerful container together.


You'll receive: 38 live calls, over 24 videos to watch at your own pace, 4 professionally recorded guided meditations, 5 workbooks and access to a private community 


We have divided the curriculum into 4 distinct phases of the menstrual cycle. We focus on the archetypal energies along with the physical, energetic, and hormonal layers of each cycle phase. We include embodiment practices as well as steps on how to heal at the root level. 

In addition to our live calls, each module includes a beautifully designed archetypal workbook full of ritual wisdom, journal prompts, plant medicine teachings, and more. In addition, we'll be using case studies and practices to ensure that you fully embody the teachings of the program. You'll also receive over 6 teaching videos per module to listen to at your own pace and a professionally recorded audio meditation.

A private online community will be available throughout the entire four month journey for continued support, processing, and relationship building. You will have lifetime access to all of the materials as well as ongoing access to the private online community for graduates. 

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After our opening ceremony, in our first month, we'll deep dive into the energy of the Maiden and the follicular phase of the cycle. 

  • A live call on how your inner Maiden shows up in the follicular phase of your cycle, along with ebbs and flows of the magic and the shadow of the Maiden--the breath of life and the damsel in distress
  • A live embodiment journey exploring the air element focused on how to harness the fresh, vibrant, life giving energy of the Maiden 
  • A live teaching on the basics of Chinese Medicine Yin and Yang Theory, along with the importance of Qi and Blood for menstrual vitality
  • A live teaching on hormone basics for understanding the cycle. This includes what a healthy cycle looks like, variations of normal, how to support your follicular phase through diet and lifestyle medicine, and how your healing path holds medicine for others
  • A complete, self paced guide to vaginal or pelvic steaming, including protocols and herbal recommendations
  • How to do breast massage as a self care practice
  • Self-guided teachings on acupressure basics, points for cycle support, and guided acupressure journeys
  • Herbal medicine essentials and incorporating plant medicine allies for the Spring phase
  • A meditation audio ritual so that you can fully initiate yourself into your inner Maiden
  • Guidance on how to set up an altar and call on the sacred directions and elements
  • Weekly calls focused on integration and support

During our second month together, we’ll cover the energy of the Mother and the magic of the ovulatory phase of the cycle.

  • A live call on how the inner Mother archetype shows up during the ovulatory phase of your cycle, along with the ebbs and flows of the magic and the shadow of the Mother-- the magnetic Queen and the over-giver. 
  • A live embodiment journey using the fire element to harness the energy of the Mother properly so that you can use her juicy and potent energy to magnetize and harmonize
  • A live teaching on how to view the cycle through the lens of Yin and Yang and potential imbalances that can arise through the lens of Chinese Medicine
  • A guide on sex hormones vs. stress hormones and the importance of nervous system regulation, along with what is normal and vital for the Summer phase, how to support ovulation through diet and lifestyle, and guidance on gathering essential information about cycle health for further clarity around hormonal imbalances
  • Self paced guides on how to practice abdominal massage for increased circulation, better ovulation, and easier periods
  • How to do ovarian breathing as a self care practice
  • Self guided teachings on herbal medicine essentials and acupressure basics for the Summer phase
  • An audio meditation ritual so that you can fully initiate yourself into your inner Mother
  • Learn 12 songs from Nancy and music essentials to enrich your women’s circles with sacred sounds and shamanic drumming when facilitating
  • Weekly calls focused on integration and support

During our third month together, we’ll turn towards the alchemy of the Sorceress and the luteal phase / premenstrual time.

  • A live call on how your inner Sorceress shows up during the luteal phase of your cycle and the ebbs and flows of the magic and the shadow of the Sorceress, the fierce bringer of truth and nagging inner critic
  • Learn to process grief in your cycle in a productive way
  • A live embodiment journey using the water element to to harness the energy of the Sorceress properly. You'll learn how to use her transformative energy to cut through lies and release what no longer serves you, aligning your womb’s energy with your heart and voice
  • A live teaching on the role of the liver in hormonal resilience and supporting proper detoxification pathways, along with discovering progesterone as Yang medicine and supporting this essential hormone
  • A live guide on what is normal and vital for the luteal phase, along with diet and lifestyle support. Through case studies we'll explain how to interpret basal body temperature charts and other health indicators to promote healing
  • Self paced guide on how to use castor oil packs as essential womb medicine
  • Self guided teachings on herbal medicine essentials and acupressure basics for the Fall phase
  • How to do womb massage as a self care practice
  • Learn how to clear energy before and after your circles and how to clarify what your unique medicine is when leading
  • An audio meditation ritual so that you can fully initiate yourself into your inner Sorceress
  • Weekly calls focused on integration and support

In our final month, you’ll receive an initiation into the wisdom of the Crone and the mysteries of your bleeding time. We will close in ceremony as sisters, leaving you with a deep sense of rooted wisdom. 

  • A live call on how your inner Crone shows up during the menstrual phase of your cycle, the ebbs and flows of the magic and the shadow of the Crone-- the wisdom keeper and the vulnerable disoriented one within.
  • Learn the importance of prioritizing rest and how to use your blood in magic and ritual
  • A live embodiment journey using the earth element to harness the energy of the Crone. You'll use her spiritual wisdom to discern your blockages around rest and ceremonially rebirth yourself
  • A live teaching on how to discern potential hormonal imbalances by developing a relationship to your blood and fostering the Womb Heart connection according to Chinese Medicine
  • A live teaching on how to support your monthly flow through diet and lifestyle medicine
  • Proper period care for easeful flow, happy hormones and deeper intimacy with your true nature
  • How to recognize common hormonal imbalances such as progesterone deficiency, estrogen dominance, PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) and more
  • How to discern when supplementation may assist healing and which supplements are recommended 
  • A guided restorative yoga nidra practice for deep rest and nervous system regulation
  • Self paced teachings on herbal medicine essentials and acupressure basics for the Winter phase
  • Womb toning as a self care practice- allowing the song of your womb to be sung
  • Learn the essentials of holding space, how to manage energy and stay in your center as a leader
  • An audio meditation ritual so that you can fully initiate yourself into your inner Crone
  • Weekly calls focused on integration and support

Essential Monthly Workshops


Month 1- Body Literacy and the Fertility Awareness Method: The Fertility Awareness Method allows you to truly master body literacy and own your fertility. Here you will learn all the basics of getting started with FAM so you can learn in it your own body first and teach it if you’d like! There will also be real examples of basal body temperature charts to get practice interpreting different cycle patterns.

Month 2- Yoni Power, Embodied Anatomy of Arousal: The Blood Mysteries would not be complete without addressing feminine sexuality. Here you’ll learn about the anatomy of pleasure and how female arousal is distinct from male arousal. This is also an opportunity to transform layers of inherited sexual or menstrual shame. Pleasure is medicine and during this workshop you’ll have an opportunity to reclaim the lost thread of feminine arousal, desire, and pleasure. 

Month 3- Your First Bleed: Menarche Reclamation Ceremony: If you are like most women, you likely did not experience your first bleed as the true rite of passage that it was. This will be an experiential workshop to help you heal any traumas that may be buried in your subconscious associated with your first bleed and the years following. The Menarche Reclamation Ceremony will be a profound guided ceremony to help you release grief so that you can reclaim the magic and mystery that was always yours to begin with, while being held and witnessed in sisterhood. 

Month 4- Being a Guide of Womb Wisdom: 

Are you destined to lead women’s circles? Or perhaps you’re already leading them but want to make them even richer with this menstrual cycle awareness. Are you a mother who is longing to pass on this wisdom to your daughter? Do you want your daughter to experience her first bleed as the rite of passage it truly is? Maybe you aren’t a mother, but know that young girls could benefit from this material? We’ve got you covered. 
In this workshop we’ll be sharing our best practices, tools and resources for sharing this womb wisdom with adult women and coming-of-age girls.  
Adult Women
You'll learn how to structure your circles so that women are able to absorb this information in the best possible way, as well as how to add a touch of magic to your circles with shamanic tools.
Coming-of-Age Girls
One of the most powerful and supportive acts we can take for our daughters is to initiate them into Menarche as the rite of passage that it is meant to be. The loss of wisdom and support for this process has had tragic consequences for our families and societies, and it’s time for that to change. Teaching young girls requires a completely different approach to make the material accessible and understandable. For years, we have been honing this process with groups of girls, learning about what works and what doesn’t. In this workshop, we’ll share a teaching format and process as well as a beautiful workbook to facilitate your teaching of this material to coming-of-age girls. We’ll show you ways to present the material so girls don’t get defensive or “grossed-out”. This aspect is so important to the awakening of the next generation.  This workshop will help you to be the lighthouse you are meant to be for your daughter and/ or young girls in your community.



Integrating and Facilitating this material specific to Young Girls

Beautifully designed Fertility Awareness Tracking Sheets that you can use yourself and with your clients.

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Enrollment is currently closed for The Blood Mysteries School

Let us guide you home to the deepest layers of yourself and witness you transform into your boldest expression as woman, mother, and leader.


“I came to Nancy to birth my full embodied self and she guided me through several shamanic journeys which were truly amazing. I left the container feeling the most clear and aligned I’ve felt in a long time, and it’s stayed that way!”



Kristin is an incredible source of wisdom for all things womb care and beyond. As an herbalist, I find it hard to receive and accept guidance from others beyond my own perspective when I am in need of healing, but Kristin is so incredibly wise and approaches things in such a way that she has become my go to wise woman in situations that are above my knowledge point or when I need a second perspective. As an herbalist, I appreciate her perspective and wisdom and as a woman, I appreciate her guidance and support. I always learn something new from her root cause approaches and the way that she breaks cases down.



“I always enjoy Nancy’s offerings. Her spiritual connection and authenticity draw me to her work. I have taken a few of her courses and each one brings me closer to my higher self. Her visualization meditations are phenomenal. Nancy has such a way of guiding people in their spiritual journey.”



"Working with Nancy was deeply insightful and healing. Her intuitive feedback and energetic chakra work was precisely in alignment with my own inner guidance and the work was deeply empowering and liberating. She has a phenomenal connection with mother Gaia and is a courageous beacon of the true sometimes forgotten power of  the wisdom of woman."