Join the Free Birth Society Membership Community & Find Your Sisters

Do you feel alone in your beliefs, questions, challenges, and triumphs as a woman trying to carve out a path of integrity and radical responsibility in a world so dedicated to the opposite…

Are you lacking conscious sisters in your world to guide, inspire, and most importantly, truly SEE and activate the power, creativity, and self-love inside of you?

Do you find yourself tip-toeing around your truth in most of your relationships?

Does all the advice you receive from family and friends feel stale and out of alignment with your values and approach to life?

When is the last time you got to speak honestly about it ALL -  relationships, sex, money, "covid", vaccines, birth keeping, motherhood - without having to explain yourself, justify, convince, or follow-up with endless articles?

Do you ache for women to walk this path with?

This is not another bland, status-quo, Facebook group.

We are an intelligent, inspired, intimate sisterhood that will up-level your whole life.

  • On the days when the weight of this crazy time feels too much, knowing you always have a space to regenerate, to exhale, to know you will be understood, and to anchor back into your truth.

  • Sharing questions and thoughts about all things womanhood (big & small!), and receiving an abundance of reflections, stories, and wisdom, that feel like a balm to your wild soul.

  • Cultivating female friendships that are dedicated to creative solutions, authenticity, and radical responsibility, not gossip and competition.

  • Having a co-creative space to evolve, explore, and experiment with what it means to live a life free of victim-consciousness.
  • Soaking-in daily, expansive, thought-provoking content that will invite you deeper into your power, amplify your confidence and skills as a wise woman, and introduce you to many new paths (conscious leadership, herbal medicine, FAM, yoni steaming, elimination communication, ancestral healing, and so much more).

  • Being part of a bad-ass, world-changing, global sisterhood and turning it into in-person, life-long friendships.

  • The healing that comes from finally feeling the embrace of a circle of women who really get it. 

  • The growth, truth, and up-levelling that will inevitably unfold when you are surrounded by fiery, conscious women, dedicated to untethering themselves from patriarchy and creating a modern matriarchy.

Whether you’re a maiden, wild mother, or radical birth keeper, you’re on the path of radical responsibility and conscious womanhood, but you’re missing the transformative power of true sisterhood. 

Sister, you’re not meant to wild-woman alone.

Join Us!

"I no longer feel alone in my parenting and birth choices, but instead embraced by others living their truth and birthing in their power. I have gained friendships, sisters, knowledge, connection and community. Being a part of this membership turned out to be more than I could have hoped for. I am honored to be here and so thankful for each and every one of the beautiful women I have had the chance to connect with."

Monique M. | Nebraska | USA

"In this group, I found friendship, community and support, including calls with like-minded women throughout my wild pregnancy and into my sacred postpartum time. In this safe space, I found a likeminded community of powerful and inspiring and wise sisters. Having this group of amazing women who align with me on the big stuff has been one of the most influential aspects in my life, and is something that has supported me in my personal and professional endeavours"

Michelle P. | Alberta | Canada

Are You a Maiden?

Figuring out what it means to be a woman in this modern world is *not* easy. 

No initiations. No rites of passages. No wise elders to guide us into the truths and tenets of womanhood. 

Imagine how nourishing it will feel to gather with wise sisters who can truly model matriarchal power, conscious living, loving relationships, and healthy boundaries.

Now is the time to circle with other maidens, soak in the wisdom of elder sisters, and learn all the wise-woman wisdom that is your birth rite. 


Are You a Wild Mother?

Mama, you’re the center of your family, and you’re holding so much. 

Don’t you just ache for other crunchy, wild mamas in your life to let your guard down with, to be witnessed in the beauty and mess of motherhood, and to learn and laugh with… now…more than ever?

You will have a space to vent, expand, seek different perspectives, have your power and intuition reflected back to you, tap into the knowledge and experience of other women, and feel the solidarity of other mamas on your frequency. 


Are You a Radical Birth Keeper?

Let’s be real, radical birth keeping can be intense… and lonely. 

How would your practice grow and deepen if you could have a space to debrief births, ask questions, unpack fears, strategize your business, and just get real with other women also on this path?

AND, of course, our membership is *the* place to find your ideal clients.

Imagine going from feeling isolated and a little feeling connected and grounded.

Take a breath, we’ve got you.

Sister, wherever you are, you belong in our community.

Join Us!

This isn't just a freebirth group, this is an upgrade to your entire life.

Get ready for depth, engagement, and truly authentic relating.

Get every question answered (big or small), brainstorm solutions, vent, seek soul-nourishing support, celebrate your wins, and be witnessed on your path as a wild woman and matriarch. 

This is the best place on the internet to network and create sisterhood with bad-ass, conscious women. 

(Yes it’s a global virtual community, and YES it will change your life)

Community Check-In 

  • Hosted by Emilee Saldaya herself, this will be a monthly opportunity to check-in, vent, be witnessed and meet other women. New members will always have time to introduce themselves!

Maidenhood Circle

  • Gather with sisters for real talk on sex, relationships, the mother wound, body image, menstruation, holistic health and more! 

Wild Mothering Circle

  • Gather with mamas to explore subjects like attachment parenting, breastfeeding, boundaries, homeschooling, freebirth, parenting without pediatricians, and all things wild mothering.

Village Prenatal Circle

  • Gather with other pregnant women in a space that celebrates wild pregnancy and freebirth. Share your birth vision, speak your fears, and plant the seeds for your dream birth.

Mothering in the First Year

  • Gather with other new mamas in your sacred, intense, tender postpartum time to share, strategize solutions, and be seen in whatever you are experiencing. 

Radical Birth Keeper Circle

  • Gather with active radical birth keepers around the world to talk about all things birth attendance, business, and the politics of birth.

Wild Pregnancy Circle

  • Gather with other women walking the path of Wild Pregnancy. You’ll have a chance to share about your pregnancy, receive witnessing

    and support while standing in your power. Each month we will explore one
    aspect of autonomous “prenatal care” outside of the system.

Birth Story Sharing

  • Gather in a gentle and loving space to speak your birth story. All birth stories are welcome here!

Birth Story Sharing Circle 

  • Gather to unpack and heal from traumatic births, transfers, even loss. Have a safe space to be witnessed in your experiences of loss, however it may be carried within you.

Grief & Loss

  • Have a safe space to be witnessed in your experiences of loss, however it may be carried within you. All experiences of loss are welcome. 

Full Moon Magic 

  • Movement, meditation, and sharing to ground in our connection with the magical moon as wild and wise women!

Exclusive Monthly Wild Woman Workshops

Join us every month for a specially curated workshop just for our members. Here's a sample of what we have offered.  

  • Fertility Awareness Method -Learn how to effectively practice the Fertility Awareness Method with total confidence so that you can break free from patriarchal birth control methods!
  • Elimination CommunicationWhether you’re preparing for a newborn, or trying to potty-train a toddler, you will gain invaluable insights, tools, and practices to support you in making this process easeful. 
  • UnschoolingExplore the why, how, and most common challenges of unschooling! There's never been a more important time to untether from institutionalized education.
  • Unpacking the Harms of Transgender IdeologyLearn the truth about transgenderism; its history, the corporations profiting from it, the patriarchal foundations of it - so that you can get clear on your own beliefs, and how to talk about them with your community.
  • Exploring the Goddess: Maiden, Mother, Queen, CroneDiscussing archetypes, Goddesses, rituals, and the passages of our lives as women. Learn how to harness your stage of womanhood!
  • Breastfeeding SupportLearn the tools you need to have a successful physiologic breastfeeding journey no matter what. 
  • Motherhood + SexualityExplore the reality of sexuality and motherhood, and learn some key tools for coming back into your sensuality in this new configuration.
  • Conscious Leadership Tools AKA Self Mastery - Sick of suffering? If you're curious how to shift out of victim consciousness - this is for you. 
  • Family HerbalismGet to know seasonal herbs, how to make medicine with them, and how to actually integrate them into your life.
  • Flourishing Women's CommunitiesAre you looking to get a woman’s group/circle flourishing in your area? Learn tools and practices to find, connect, and radicalize women in your area.

And more!

Have the collective intelligence of our wise women at your fingertips!

We don’t have a council of grandmothers, but we do have almost 3 years of saved content from some of the most wise women around. 

Just about every question you can think of has been answered in depth, with practical and spiritual wisdom that will surprise, challenge and inspire you! 

Whatever is going on in your life, you will find gold nuggets in our ever-increasing library.

Are you pregnant and looking for an authentic wise-woman to walk with you in pregnancy or birth?

Join our membership to connect with radical birth keepers in your community. 

Are you a birth worker? Our membership is full of your ideal clients!

Members get first dibs and exclusive deals on all our offerings - both online and in-person events. 

And, of course, so many of our members meet each other in person for circles, hikes, and life-long sisterhood. Countless women have found their best friends, authentic midwife, and postpartum support in this beautiful network. 

The Vetting Process

To uphold the integrity and safety of this community, we vet every member. 

The first step is to apply. At check-out, you will click through an agreement to enter our membership. It outlines our non-disclosure agreement for total confidentiality, our no-refund policy, and our terms of service. 

Once you pay your application fee, you will be sent an email to set up your vetting call with a Free Birth Society core team member. 

Once approved, you'll receive an invitation link to get on either a monthly or annual subscription to join our online, private, proprietary network. 

Network & Technology


We are on a private, uncensored, and propriety network.

There is an app associated with the membership, so you can access the community from anywhere.

Our regular community calls are done through Zoom and hosted through the network directly. 

Every call will be recorded and available to all members for 30 days. 

If you're ready to leave the drama filled, low vibes Facebook Groups full of strangers behind - we've made just the place for you. 

Shared Community Values


We practice self-responsibility, integrity, and candor. We practice the critique of systems that harm women from a feminist perspective.

We are a membership that circles around:

  • The Liberation of Women & Girls
  • Gender Criticism
  • Total Medical & Health Freedom including Access to Abortion
  • COVID Criticism
  • Radical Responsibility
  • Belief in the Innate Healing Capacity of our Bodies
  • Complete Bodily Sovereignty
  • Birthing, Mothering, and Attending Births Outside of the System

DOORS ARE OPEN AT 40% OFF. FIRST 50 WOMEN GET THE GRANDMOTHER PRICE OF $299. Doors will close soon and not reopen for a few months!

$299 annually

*This is strictly non-refundable*


FBS Membership Community

$499 annually

After your application fee of $33 is paid and your vetting call is complete, you'll be able to choose this option to make a one time payment -- once a year -- and save $77!

*This is strictly non-refundable*


"I’ve been part of so many groups, and have left all of them after joining FBS! 

Being in a virtual community with so many open minded women has changed my life. I’ve been exposed to so many new things that I had never known existed.

I use it as a search when I have a concern to see what other women have done or suggested.

This group challenges you to look inward, to trust yourself, it’s so encouraging. 

I joined while I was pregnant with my third baby. I freebirthed him and am currently pregnant and planning another freebirth!

It’s a truly safe, free space for all things wild pregnancy, birth, mothering, womanhood and so much more without judgement."

Daryl A. | New Mexico | USA

"The FBS membership has changed my life. The wisdom and integrity of the women who gather there continually inspire me to be bolder, braver, more intuitive, curious and critically-minded than I’ve ever been before.

It’s the first time this level of sisterhood has been modelled for me - and it feels SO GOOD - like a breath of fresh air, like coming home - to have been enfolded into it.

I’ve been introduced to, and now regularly practice: herbal remedy crafting, FAM, yoni steaming, and other self-healing modalities I’d only vaguely heard of before.

It’s pretty mental, that an online community can give you so much. I for sure never expected it. 

Forever grateful."

Stephie H. | London | England

"I joined the Free Birth Society when I was newly pregnant, and I found myself immersed in an intimate community of wise women. I went on to ecstatically freebirth my Son and fully rebirth myself in the most profound and powerful way. I made lifelong sisters, both locally and worldwide, and I also launched my business! I no longer walk alone in my journey now. The wildness of our lives bonds us, and our connections go beyond verbal exchanges to a deeper knowing and sisterhood. I will never forget the love and support given to my family by these women. This community has changed my life."


Lenci S. | Illinois | USA