Harnessing the Golden Opportunities of the Fourth Trimester

A 4 Hour Workshop for Mothers and Couples with Emilee Saldaya and Nancy Lucina
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The word “postpartum” in modern day society is now synonymous with depression. And the standard postpartum experience for most new moms today is certainly a depressing scene. 
The average woman is, at most, prepared with some postpartum pads and baby gear.  
Her support system may include a few relatives coming over to visit, not to actually tend to her needs, but to hold the baby and completely interrupt the flow and bond between mother-baby. 
She may spend a few days in bed with her baby before jumping back into all of the normal day-to-day activities, completely ignoring her body’s need for deep rest.  
She’s not told anything about the immense changes that have taken place on literally every level - from the physical to the emotional, mental and spiritual. 
At 6 weeks postpartum, she’s given a nod from her doctor or midwife to start to exercise and have sex again and that is the extent of “postpartum care” in most women’s modern day life. 
Depressing is an understatement. 
This lack of care and reverence for the postpartum period in this common scenario leads to depression, depletion, pelvic floor issues, and a spiritual disconnect that manifests as low confidence in motherhood and all areas of the woman’s life. 
We don’t want this to be your experience.
And it doesn't have to be! 
Did you know that just like birth, the postpartum period also has a physiological blueprint? Clues of this blueprint have been left behind for us in all ancient cultures throughout the entire world. These ancient cultures tell us that the fourth trimester is a “golden opportunity” where women can restore, heal, transform and actually feel rejuvenated at the deepest level if this physiological design is respected and honored. 

 There actually is a way to THRIVE during the postpartum period. 

 We’ve done it, and we want to show you how. 

Show me!

We will prepare you with action steps and information that is rarely talked about, even in the birth world, so that you feel confident heading into this incredible time of your life.  

You'll learn:
  • The main keys to a deeply healing and peaceful postpartum period that are found across all ancient cultures 
  • How exactly to put these keys into practice in these modern day times
  • The weird but normal stuff about postpartum that no one tells you
  • The pitfalls that we consistently see, and the ways women self-sabotage their own postpartum periods
  • The roadmap to a healthy thriving mother AND baby (and how the two are synonymous with each other) 
  • How to move through blockages that may keep you from having this ideal, blissful experience 
  • What the normal range of emotions looks like during this time 
  • Practical advice ranging from how to ask for help from your community to what kinds of herbs are useful for this time
  • And so much more…
You'll receive: 
  • A recording of the jam packed 4 hour deep dive with Emilee & Nancy to unpack the most important elements we know about this initiation into new motherhood
  •  3 bonus PDFs - “Actionable Steps to Respecting the Physiological Blueprint of Postpartum,” “Placenta & Umbilical Cord Care,” & “Prompts for Exploring your Postpartum Planning”
  • A bonus guided meditation by Nancy - “Love for New Mothers” 
  • The recording of the 4 hour class that you'll have access to for 1 year
The Recording: 
This 4 hour deep dive on all things postpartum will be an interactive and dynamic class with lectures, meditation, and a recording of the Q & A. 


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    This is for you if: 

  • You are a first time mother and have no idea what to expect for your postpartum
  • You have planned extensively for a peaceful birth but haven’t given peaceful postpartum a thought
  • This is not your first pregnancy, but you know intuitively that you missed this “golden opportunity” with your other baby or babies 
  • You’re ready to dive deeply into this topic together with your partner so you can be even more prepared (Yes, men are welcome on this call too!)
  • You support women as part of your work and want to learn more about this postpartum period 
It's me!

Imagine having your freshly born baby in your arms, while you fall deeply in love, knowing that the next few weeks that await you may be some of the most blissful of your life.....

The oxytocin continues to flow for days on end because you learned the tools to prepare you for this transformational portal of time. 
You’ve learned the basics of postpartum care, you’ve put a plan into action and you know that your two main jobs are this: to bond with your baby and to nurse your baby.  
You’re set up to drop into those deep delicious brainwave states that the fourth trimester has to offer you which naturally help you to access healing on the physical and emotional level, as well as feel more spiritually connected and attuned to your intuition. 
You respect the keys to a peaceful postpartum. You rest deeply in bed with your baby for an extended period of time. Your partner, community and other team members feed you with nourishing food that restores your system. You stay warm and cozy with your baby, helping your body to slowly return to balance. You receive loving intentional touch from those around you. And you feel supported on every level. With all of these practices put into place you reach new heights within yourself. You feel at once powerful and strong and at ease and peace. 
This beautiful scene doesn’t have to be a far-off fantasy. We want the same for you. Too many women are blindsided by the intensity of postpartum, both the emotional rollercoaster and the physicality of the healing process. It’s not meant to be done alone.
We have walked this path before you and are grateful to say that our postpartum periods have been the most magical days of our lives. 
Teach me what you know!

For so many, preparation is all about birth. Labor and birth are the bridge. Postpartum is the destination, and it’s where you’ll be for the rest of your life once you become a mother. It deserves your respect, care and attention. 

Up-level your understanding and preparation of the postpartum time so that you can experience all of the opportunities that lie within this transformative period. The transformation is yours to claim, but only if you go into it prepared with this blueprint given to us by our ancestors.

I'm ready!

Nancy Lucina

Nancy is a mother of 3, a birth keeper, postpartum care provider, shamanic facilitator and sound healer, women's coach, blood mysteries school teacher, and ceremonial leader. She has over 12 years of experience walking women through the continuum of the female experience from conception to postpartum. She uses her gifts of voice, sound, sensitivity and connection to spirit to guide women from all around the world to awaken their ancient deep feminine wisdom, embody the Wise Woman within and live in truth and power. 

Emilee Saldaya

Emilee Saldaya is a thought-leader, fiery truth-teller, and true powerhouse in the women’s liberation movement. She is the founder of Free Birth Society, a global women's community and education platform that has made massive waves in the birth world. Emilee is a radical birth educator, birth witness, the co-creator of the acclaimed Radical Birth Keeper School, and a self mastery coach. Her approach is warm, kind, ferocious, and transformational, and she teaches women the skills they need to take radical responsibility and up-level their life. Emilee is soon to freebirth her second child and looks forward to another blissful postpartum.

This workshop is here to up level your understanding and preparation of the postpartum time so that you can experience all of the golden opportunities that lie within this magical design.

I'm in!