Your guide on the journey of conscious conception to call your baby into being with the deepest reverence.


The Conscious Conception: Welcoming Your Spirit Baby Home course is a gentle and loving initiation into facing and resolving your fears, deepening your trust in the divine timing, and preparing your body, mind and spirit for conception. 

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I know that feeling of longing for the child that you feel deep down is yours to hold. I know that ache you feel within your womb and in your heart; the yearning to meet your precious baby. 

The children that are choosing to come to earth during these complex and often challenging times are wise, intelligent, pure beings, and they ask a lot of us as their mothers-to-be: that we purify our minds, bodies, and souls so that we can hold their highest light through gestation, birth, and childhood. They ask that we accept our role as vessels through which we will heal our lineages in order not to pass on the shadows that keep us bound, confined, and small. 

And they ask that we deeply surrender, in the process of conception; releasing our control around timing, so that we might surrender to divine timing, instead. 

I have had very different experiences conceiving all three of my children, which has opened me to the unique ways spirit babies communicate and present themselves. Sometimes I’ve been surprised in various ways. Other times I’ve had extensive and detailed communication for years with the spirit of my child before conceiving. My own experiences and those of many other women have taught me that connecting with the spirits of our children can take on a myriad of forms, all of which are valid. 

This is not an easy journey! It’s often humbling, and it can feel lonely, but you don’t have to walk this road alone. The path of connecting with your child in spirit form and manifesting their arrival with intention yields a wealth of visionary gifts. These precious gifts seed the foundation of a richly intuitive and connected mothering journey.


Conscious conception is the practice of calling a child into your body and your life with mindful intention and awareness.

It can take many forms, but at its essence, conscious conception is about paying homage to the quantum connection between you and your future child.

I believe that any woman who desires to be pregnant has a soul that is wanting to connect with her. Choosing to consciously conceive can mean opening yourself up to the spirit realm so that you develop a relationship with your child or children before they are even in your womb. Babies in their spirit form are mysterious, beautiful beings that are here to help us evolve as individuals and as a species.

This course came at just the right time for me. My partner and I had experienced two cycles without conceiving, and it was clear to me I need to do more work. The course was a perfect initiation into the world of spirit babies, communication and consciously calling them in. I found each meditation deeply profound. Together with the beautiful rituals I was able to nourish myself in a way I never have before. I have learnt so much especially about the process of letting go. I am eternally grateful to Nancy Lucina for sharing her wisdom.

Sarah, England

This course is an ally on your path of connecting with your baby. The program will lead you in practices that will open up your mind, body, and spirit during your conception process, and will serve as a guide to help you connect with and honor the soul-presence of your baby or babies.

I am ready to call in my spirit baby!

  • Hone your ability to communicate with your baby in spirit form 
  • Journey shamanically through beautiful guided meditations to uncover layers of yourself and connect with your spirit baby 
  • Discover which flower essences, crystals, essential oils, herbs and foods can support the different aspects of conception 
  • Implement simple and profound spiritual practices so you can surrender more deeply into the process of conscious conception
  • Hear other women who have walked the same path tell their magical stories of conception and connecting with their spirit babies
  • Deepen your trust in your innate intelligence and intuition

follow a unique journey through the elements:

EARTH to help you ground and nourish
FIRE to assist you in purification 
AIR to help you deeply connect to your spirit baby 
WATER to help you surrender and enjoy the journey
ETHER to help you enter into a space of stillness where you trust fully this divine process. 

uncover and strengthen your:

This program will re-acquaint you with your inner knowing, stillness, and self-assurance, giving you the confidence to embrace your mothering journey with a foundation of trust in yourself, and a deep connection to your baby. Discover a sense of peace in your own instinctive power to communicate and receive from the spirit realm.
The meditations and exercises in this program will not only bring a sense of calm and tranquility to your mind, but will activate your parasympathetic nervous system. This reduces stress hormones, and brings a state of calm and openness that is especially conducive to the optimal functioning of all your body systems, including reproductive health.
You will learn to hone your ability to tune into the subtle energies of your body and your intrinsic ability to connect with, and harness, spirit. Even if you’ve never considered yourself “spiritual” before, communicating with the intangible is always available, and this course will show you how.
Spirit babies are light beings that come to purify us, and this course helps move you through that purification process to support your conception journey. Rest in the Sacred Heart and work with the Golden Orb of Forgiveness to get in touch with your sacred fire to purify yourself and your lineage. This process helps ensure that we only pass on the best of what we have received to our children.
The process of conception can be one of joy, flow and surrender. Relaxation can be one of the most effective ways to conceive -- many people say that they finally conceived when they stopped trying so hard. Together, we’ll explore ways to enhance your enjoyment of your body, life and conception.

VIDEOS - I share my deep personal experiences, teachings and lessons that I have received on the journey to conceiving my children. Each video also contains a recommended practice to do throughout each module. These videos are energetic transmissions to help you tap into powerful frequencies so that you can walk this path with more ease and trust, aligning yourself with the highest vibration possible. 

GUIDED MEDITATIONS - These beautiful and professionally recorded meditations are specific to each element and will help you go deeper into the teachings that the elements have to offer. I have used my background as a shamanic facilitator and sacred sound therapist to design powerful meditations that will help you:

  • access deeper parts of your subconscious
  • travel to the spirit realm to receive messages from your baby
  • release resistance to surrendering and trusting the process 
  • And become one with the elements 

Each track is set to different background music that uses “binaural beats” that will encourage your brain to drop into “theta” and “delta” states, inviting you to deeply relax and more easily receive the messages from the particular element that each meditation invokes.


JOURNAL PROMPTS - Think: sitting with a cup of tea, cozy in bed with your journal taking some time to do some serious soul journeying and reflection. When we ask ourselves powerful questions, we're able to see what is lying under the surface that may be inhibiting us from experiencing what we desire. 

ALLIES - Each element will also have a set of “Allies” to accompany you. Learn to work with food, flower essences, herbal infusions, crystals and essential oils, as they are beloved friends on this journey with you. 

RITUALS - The journey to conceiving is really the journey to becoming your most aligned self. The beautiful rituals at the end of each module will help you anchor in everything you’ve learned and experienced thus far and to help you solidify your connection with your higher self and your baby.  Ancient cultures knew that in order to truly transform our consciousness, we needed to sit in ceremony with ourselves, going beyond the rational mind. Ritual is an ancient art and a way to help you anchor in wisdom, knowledge, experience or even a new way of thinking. They prepare us for transition and awaken the natural intelligence within.

STORY TIME - Hear from 5 women from around the world who have magical and inspiring stories to tell about their conception process as well as connecting with their baby in spirit. Learning through stories of sisterhood is some of the most potent medicine we can receive as women today.

Bonus Meditation

The “Connecting with Your Baby through the Rose in Your Womb” meditation is a gorgeous track that will inspire you to give love to your baby and receive love from your baby through the unique connection that only you two have. This track can also be used during pregnancy! 

Bonus Mantra 

I recorded this sweet and simple mantra just for you in this time. It will encourage you to trust in the process of life, to trust the timing of things and to allow the Goddess’s guiding hand to open the way for you. Should you conceive, this mantra can also be used on your birthing playlist! 


From books to podcasts to interviews, you’ll feel supported along your journey by my favorite and most helpful resources. I compiled these resources during my own conscious conception journey and hope they help you communicate with your spirit baby.

Nancy’s deeply relaxing and hypnotic meditations have helped me to connect with my inner wisdom and innate abilities to birth and mother.



Nancy Lucina is a mother of three, doula, shamanic facilitator, sacred sound therapist, and women’s mindfulness coach. She is the creator of the “Sovereign Birth Meditation Series” that helps women to actualize their dream births. She uses her gifts of voice, sound, sensitivity and connection to spirit to guide women from all around the world to awaken their ancient deep feminine wisdom, embody the Wise Woman within and live in truth and power.

It was beautiful and empowering to realize a new vision of feminine power and vulnerability within myself. Nancy opened my eyes to the extraordinary possibilities of my birth.

Lisa, Australia

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Conscious Conception Course



  • 5 Transmission Videos - 1 for each element

  • 5 Professionally Recorded Guided Meditations

  • 5 Spirit Baby Interviews

  • 5 Sets of Journal Prompts

  • 5 Sets of Ritual Instructions

  • 5 Element Ally Sheets

  • Yoni Steaming Instructions


  • Nancy Lucina's Spirit Baby Story (Video)

  • Emilee Saldaya’s Spirit Baby Story (Video)

  • Guided Meditation Recording: Connecting with your Baby through the Rose in your Womb

  • Goddess’s Guiding Hand Mantra Recording

  • Fertility, Spirit Baby and Conception Resource List