A course for matriarchs who see through the lies of allopathic medicine and are ready to take charge of their family’s health and wellness.


Despite knowing deeply that you don’t want to pop pills or go to a doctor, when your kids get sick it's scary and you don't *really* know what to do.


Through the Wild Mothers Medicine Chest, you will learn how to turn sickness into an opportunity for your children to not just heal, but to become stronger, more robust, and *truly* healthy... 


So that you can respond to illness with natural remedies, ensure your family gets sick less, and mother from a place of total trust and wise woman wisdom.


I want the Wild Mother's Medicine Chest


You know deep in your heart that the medical system is not a place of healing and wellness.



You don’t want the “health” of pills, injections, and doctors.



You want the health of herbs, holistic healing, and a mothers love. 



It could be that you’ve been in the natural health world for years, slowly finding your way, or you're brand new and have no idea where to start. 



Compared to other people in your life, you're a little “woo-woo” and “crunchy.”



You sometimes (or often) feel totally alone in this journey. 



Where is your sisterhood of wild mothers to nurse each other's babies, brew each other's children healing teas, and share stories of natural healing?!



Your baby had their first cold/fever/diarrhea/vomiting… you kind of knew what to do, but not *totally*…



You had so many questions… maybe you even reached for the medication you didn’t want to use when you didn't know what else to do.



That feeling of helplessness is scary. You don’t want to feel dependent anymore on others for the health of your family. 



And, of course, you dream of being that witchy mama with the perfect salve/tincture/brew/wise word for every bump, bruise or sickness.


Imagine how it will feel to go from frantically trying random “natural” remedies (or maybe even antibiotics/tylenol etc.), to knowing without a doubt how to gently support your child to heal with herbal remedies and wise woman wisdom. 

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Imagine this...


  • your babe has a fever and instead of reaching for drugs, you know with total confidence how to uplift and protect the natural healing capacity of your child's body so that they can heal naturally and spontaneously


  • health overwhelm and anxiety is a thing of the past


  • your child is dealing with some fear and upset and you reach for the exact (homemade!) tincture that will calm and soothe them


  • your home is a safe space of healing where your children can be nurtured and cared for in times of illness and injury, guided by your intuition and wisdom


  • your children grow up never doubting their innate healing capacity, never seeking authority outside of themselves, and with a deep knowledge of natural healing that you've instilled in them


  • you have a medicine cabinet full of homemade, wild crafted remedies that you actually KNOW how to use


  • you feel safe knowing you will never have to hand over your power as a mother to doctors or medications that you don't trust


  • You are the witchy and wise mama your ancestors would be proud of

Sister, you’re already a powerful woman, you simply need to be infused with the wise woman wisdom and healing skills that is your birth rite.


That is the *exact* reason we created the Wild Mother's Medicine Chest:

to take you from overwhelm and anxiety, to handling any sickness in your family with ease, confidence, and the special healing touch of a wild mother.

Arielle Martinez is Free Birth Society’s in house healer and herbalist. She is the woman behind Sub Luna Botanicals, and has spent her motherhood journey navigating illness outside of the system. 


She mentors mothers about plant medicine and natural healing in her local community, and is now offering this comprehensive course to you!

Through the potent initiation of illness, Arielle guides women to hone their intuition, develop their wise woman skills, and find their confidence as mother and leaders.

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What you get;


  • Over 30 videos that discuss herbal education, physiology, remedies and specific instances of illness or injury, giving you a deep understanding of all common childhood ailments so that you can confidently uplift your child's healing process and never suppress a symptom again.


  • An approach to health that will guide you to treat root causes, set yourself up for success BEFORE illness/injury, and honor the natural process of the body.


  • 12 PDFs with specific resources, remedies, and recipes to guide you in easily filling your medicine cabinet so that you will always be prepared for any surprise accident or illness.


  • 9 potent story-medicine interviews with wild mamas and healers for you to soak up so that next time your babe gets sick you will have these healing power stories to draw on when your own trust waivers.


We discuss herbal preparations and actions, define herbal jargon, and include a list of our favorite apothecaries and suppliers.



We go over basic herbal first aid and include a PDF shopping list to help you set up your own herbal first aid kit



We learn about what influences and builds a healthy immune system, and how to support immunity through herbs and supplements.



We discuss the nervous system and different herbs, flower essences, and modalities to support our nervous system in times of stress and agitation.




We discuss common symptoms such as coughing and congestion, more serious illnesses such as strep throat and pertussis, and talk about herbs, remedies, and protocols to support the body in those times.



We discuss ways to supplement with whole food sources if vitamins and minerals, and also what supplements are necessary and how to use them in a way that is best for your body.

“This course was just what I needed to give me the confidence in taking a self directed and herbal approach to health in my family."

- JESSE S. -

Ready to step into your role as the healer of your home?

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I Want Wild Mother's Medicine Chest


Wild Mothers Medicine Chest will give you the roadmap to sovereign, authentic, natural health for you and your family!

Learning about the different plants, most found right in my own backyard or local park, has made a profound impact on how I care for myself and the people within my own home.

I am thrilled to be able to share my knowledge with my daughters, teaching them how to respect nature when we forage and how to use the cycles of the earth and moon, all while growing our relationships was definitely an unexpected blessing."

Ashlie B.

Arielle has cultivated much knowledge of the herbal world and she shares her wisdom generously. Her curiosity and enthusiasm are contagious and invite all to feel deep connection with earth medicine.

Katie B.

“Wild Mother's Medicine Chest is so informative and very in-depth.  Whether you already know a bit or nothing at all about medicinal herbal remedies, Arielle will walk you through it step-by-step so by the end you feel confident taking charge of your health as you lead the way on the medicine path for you and your family.  It's beyond worth it!"

Paula C.

“As a working professional and mom of young kids, I was feeling out of touch with nature and womankind. Arielle’s Wise Women’s Medicine Circle was the perfect remedy. I got a few hours of dedicated “me” time every few months, learned so much about Nature’s seasonal offerings, and got to spend time in the beautiful outdoors with other women. In addition to the extractions and infusions we made during the “class,” the class itself was really the best medicine for me. Definitely renewing this prescription in 2021.”

Natalie H. 


“Arielle continues to go above and beyond with her herbal blends, tinctures, and potions. Everything Arielle creates is well thought out and filled with love. Her passion for supporting women and families shines through in all of her medicine.

She has also been an amazing resource and educator for me as I explore and learn the beauty of herbal medicine!"

Monique M.