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The Radical Birth Keeper School

Free Birth Society’s Radical Birth Keeper School Enrollment is open now! 

This is the authentic midwifery education program for radical women who are looking for a new approach to birth-work, beyond the watered-down doula trainings, or the medicalized midwifery programs out there. Our approach combines incredibly powerful technologies for self-mastery, a grounding in the physiology of birth, a specific action-plan for serving birthing women independently, outside of the system (including how to navigate the politics of such a path), and a specific, step-by-step roadmap for planning, launching, and maintaining your business over time so that it’s actually profitable. 

With two delivery options, either in-person or online, the Radical Birth Keeper School offers an integration of the ancient wisdom model of women’s healing traditions with the evidence-based physiology and chemistry of birth, along with the business and marketing skills required to both excel in our digital age and establish yourself as the respected wise-woman of your community.

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The Complete Guide to Freebirth

A sweeping, all-inclusive childbirth education course, designed to prepare pregnant mothers and families for the most powerful independent birth experience possible. 

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Through The Veil

Join birth educator, radical birth keeper, and mother Yolande, as she prepares for her freebirth. Walk with her as she moves through the veil, to welcome her eighth baby into the world. 

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The Sovereign Birth Meditation Series

The Sovereign Birth Series awakens the ancient womb wisdom that is inside of you. Profound meditations, journal prompts, and rituals help you to remove blockages and align your mind and spirit.

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We've got a lot going on here at Free Birth Society. You can join our private community, get one on one coaching for transformational tools, join in on our annual trainings and retreats, and of course we have our world-renown Free Birth podcast!


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