Sister, are you ready to call in a baby?

You’re yearning to be carrying life in your womb.

You know it's time to become a mother, again, or for the first time. 

Perhaps you’ve tried everything, and you’re still not getting pregnant

Every month that your blood arrives it breaks your heart, and you wonder what you’re doing wrong. 

Or, it could be that you’re simply craving something more than fad preconception diets.

You want to create a sacred entrance for your baby. 

Maybe you’ve already experienced sweet, serendipitous moments with them - dreams, communications, names, the feeling of little ones in their energy field - but wondered if you were crazy.

BUT, despite this stirring... in our modern, disconnected world, you find it hard to drop-in.

Your mind and doubts get in the way.

You know there’s spiritual work to do to become a clear channel for this baby, but you have no idea where to start. 


I'm Ready!

You’re eating well and tracking your cycles. Maybe you’ve even done a detox.


But, you’re realizing that there's more to conception than just preparing your body.

Imagine ...


  • Being so present and in-tune, that you actually feel the moment of conception.


  • Knowing that you're becoming the best mother you can be for this divine soul, and feeling confident that you aren’t passing down your unhealed trauma to them.


  • No longer feeling like the only woo-woo, spiritual woman.


  • Learning to finally trust yourself … the single greatest thing you can do to consciously conceive your child.


  • The day your blood should be here, but it isn't… and the excitement that washes over you as you wonder if this is finally it.


  • Being so connected to your truth and intuition before conceiving, that a peaceful, ecstatic, powerful birth feels inevitable.
I want this.

You’re a conscious woman, you want to lay the foundation for an intuitive and connected motherhood journey, and you long for guidance.


That is the exact reason we created “Welcoming Your Spirit Baby Home,” to take you from confused, shaky, and disconnected, to the deeply centred, crystal clear, wise-woman that your baby is calling you to become.


Nancy Lucina is our in-house shamanic healer at Free Birth Society. 


She is a mother of three beautiful free-birthed children. 


She uses her gifts of voice, sound, sensitivity, and connection to spirit, to guide women from all around the world in awakening their ancient deep feminine wisdom, embodying the Wise Woman, and living in truth and power.

With this 5 module journey through the elements

- earth, fire, air, water, & ether - 

you will release what no longer serves you, nourish your innate knowing, and become the mother you're here to be. 

Spiritual teachings from Nancy so that you can align yourself to the highest vibration possible. 

Guided meditations to activate your psychic powers and release resistance. 

Simple and profound rituals so that you can surrender more deeply into the process of conscious conception.

Journal prompts to integrate it all, and shift anything in the way, and receive messages from your future child. 

An exploration of allies - flower essences, crystals, essential oils, herbs, and foods - that can support you in an easeful conception.

Potent interviews with other women who have consciously conceived so that you don’t feel alone, and gain inspirational insight.

"My partner and I had experienced two cycles without conceiving, and it was clear to me I need to do more work. The course was a perfect initiation into the world of spirit babies, communication and consciously calling them in. I found each meditation deeply profound. Together with the beautiful rituals I was able to nourish myself in a way I never have before. I have learnt so much especially about the process of letting go. I am eternally grateful to Nancy Lucina for sharing her wisdom."

Sarah, England

"Rose in Your Womb” Meditation


This track can also be used during pregnancy! 

The Goddess Mantra 


Allow the Goddess’s guiding hand to open the way for you. 

Resource Guide


All the resources you need to feel supported on your journey.

Say YES to your spirit baby.



  • 5 Transmission Videos - 1 for each element

  • 5 Professionally Recorded Guided Meditations

  • 5 Spirit Baby Interviews

  • 5 Sets of Journal Prompts

  • 5 Sets of Ritual Instructions

  • 5 Element Ally Sheets

  • Yoni Steaming Instructions


  • Nancy Lucina's Spirit Baby Story (Video)

  • Emilee Saldaya’s Spirit Baby Story (Video)

  • Guided Meditation Recording: Connecting with your Baby through the Rose in your Womb

  • Goddess’s Guiding Hand Mantra Recording

  • Fertility, Spirit Baby and Conception Resource List


"Nancy’s deeply relaxing and hypnotic meditations have helped me to connect with my inner wisdom and innate abilities to birth and mother."


The babies coming through right now are bringing new consciousness to earth… are you ready to meet yours?


"It was beautiful and empowering to realize a new vision of feminine power and vulnerability within myself. Nancy opened my eyes to the extraordinary possibilities of my birth."

Lisa, Australia

Conscious conception is the practice of calling a child into your body and your life with mindful intention and awareness.

I believe that any woman who desires to be pregnant has a soul that is wanting to connect with her. 

We can develop a relationship with our children before they are even conceived.

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