It’s time for a Birth Revolution. 

We need you with us.


Free Birth Society's Radical Birth Keeper School starts again

September 1st, 2021. 


You won't want to miss this. 

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It’s time for a

Birth Revolution. 

We need you with us.


Free Birth Society's

Radical Birth Keeper School

starts again September 1st, 2021. 



You won't want to miss this. 

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Birth work is your calling. 


You know deep down that you’re meant to be

serving birthing women in your community. 


You can feel it in your bones. 


You know it in your cells. 


You’re drawn to this work by

the voices of your great-grandmothers.


You long to witness and support

the awesome power of women

as we make life,

form kinship,

and transform the world

through undisturbed matriarchal birth.


But as you probably know, it can be tricky

to navigate the business of birth.


The politics and legalities of the birth-world can be daunting. 


There is so much confusion out there.


From “scope of practice”, to our boundaries as birth-workers...


You dream of attending home births, but most mothers in your community give birth in the hospital or with a licensed midwife. 


And your heart breaks over and over

when the sisters in your circle share their birth stories. 


If you're already witnessing home births or practicing as a birth worker,

 you might feel like you don’t really have the confidence

to hold the container of birth

in your fullest power. 


There are so many mixed messages out there.


Remaining grounded in your own wisdom,

while honouring the birthing woman in her authority

can be genuinely challenging.


Like so many women who work in birth,

you might be struggling to keep up with

the responsibilities of your daily life—

nevermind living in abundance and flow!


Maybe you've already done a doula-training (or several)

or even a midwifery course,

but you know there’s something missing.

There’s a Reason You’re Here


You’re ready to reclaim birth-work

as it’s meant to be. 

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Not all midwifery education programs are created equal. 


 The Free Birth Society

Radical Birth Keeper School

offers an approach like no other.


Our training is the game-changing educational experience and community that everyone in the birth-world is talking about.


The RBK School is not just another online course.


It's an immersive, live, intensive mastermind in authentic midwifery, that will give you the blueprint and guidance to launch a life-altering, world-shaking radical birth brand and business.

The RBK School is led by experienced free birth witnesses, coaches, community leaders, and business mavens Emilee Saldaya and Yolande Norris-Clark.
For years, Emilee and Yolande have been coaching seasoned doulas and midwives who feel disillusioned by the institutional harm and abuse of women and babies in the obstetric system, and even within the world of licensed midwifery. 
We’re not afraid to tell it how it is, and to push back against the myths, assumptions, and limited constructs that have been normalized in the birth world.
And we're deeply committed to your success, for the sake of birthing women everywhere. 
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We knew there had to be a different way to do birth-work: a way to actually serve women unequivocally. 


There is. 


We can't wait to share our proven roadmap for serving and upholding spontaneous, undisturbed birth, while allowing you to thrive. 

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We knew there had to be a different way to do birth-work: a way to actually serve women unequivocally. 


There is. 


We can't wait to share our proven roadmap for serving and upholding spontaneous, undisturbed birth, while 
allowing you to thrive. 

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We’ve reclaimed birth-work as it’s meant to be: nourishing and soul-sustaining for ourselves, our communities, and our families.


Our curriculum combines


  • The science and wisdom of instinctive birth physiology
  • Heart-centered business strategies for exponential growth and success (without struggle) 
  • A coaching model that delivers extraordinary results for your clients whether in-person or online.  
  • Revolutionary strategies for showing up authentically as Birth Keepers 
  • An incredible community and mentorship experience 


 It’s our greatest prayer that this Radical Birth Keeper model proliferates all over the world, as women reclaim the authentic values of traditional midwifery.

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How Does The 

12-Week Online Program Work?


Our next 12-week intensive online training runs from March through May 2021.


The program is focused on real-time engagement with Emilee and Yolande through 2x weekly group lessons, coaching calls and lectures, pre-recorded video lessons, tons of written material, and assignments.  


You'll have continuous access to a private online forum allowing for connection, processing, and community.


You can expect to be supported throughout your experience, with our full commitment to the individual and collective success of our students.


Our weekly break-out mentorship sessions (capped at 5 women), will give you the opportunity to brainstorm with other radical women and receive individualized coaching and direct input from Emilee & Yolande. 


What's The Schedule?


We have two live classes a week that run on two different time tracks, depending on what works best for your life. (And time zone!)


  • The Self Mastery Class Group A falls on Thursdays at 7am PST/10am EST 
  • The Self Mastery Class Group B falls on Thursdays at 1pm PST/4pm EST 
  • The Radical Birth Keeper Class Group A falls on Friday's at 7am PST/10am EST
  • The Radical Birth Keeper Class Group B falls on Friday's at 1pm PST/4pm EST


The third class is the Business Break-Out. Students will select a group based on preference in the first week of school. 

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Learn to integrate:


The ancient wisdom model of women’s healing traditions


The evidence-based physiology and chemistry of birth


The business and marketing skills required to excel in the digital age.


Whether you’re

A doula disillusioned with the system

A midwife ready to expand your perspective

A woman new to birth-work seeking a path to practicing with integrity...


This program is for you.


We’ll guide you through the launch or re-launch, of your birth business, and workshop its development from conception to take off. 

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Beyond just the fundamentals of physiological birth...


We actually give you the blueprint for how to coach, mentor, and lead other women, with clarity and integrity. 


Our curriculum is grounded in the tools and techniques of Conscious Leadership. 


Free Birth Society has pioneered the translation of this coaching framework for birth-workers.


The outcomes we see in our coaching clients are consistent, and startlingly profound.


In fact, these are the very tools that are at the heart of the success of Free Birth Society.


If you're new to coaching, or skeptical of the apparent coaching hype, this is for you.


Our model is compassionate, agile, effective, and experiential.


Prepare to get coached throughout our program.


You'll feel the results in every area of your own life, and you'll learn quickly how to offer these techniques to your clients with dynamic gentleness and resonance. 


Become a leader of the birth revolution.

I'm Ready!

Our Program Offers:


The RBK School is completely distinct from other midwifery schools and goes way beyond any doula training.  

Our program will be immensely worthwhile for any birth-worker—from seasoned midwives wanting to exit the obstetric system, to doulas who are burnt out on hospital birth.

If you're new to this work, this is the training that will put you on track to distinguishing yourself from other birth workers and owning your worth from the beginning. 

Our program will give you the resources to do birth keeping in a way that reflects your ethics, and resonates with your clients, your community, and your life.


The RBK School is more than an effective coaching method, and goes beyond dismantling birth myths and learning the real physiology of birth.

We’ve taken our 30+ collective years of experience in the business and practice of birth, and put it all together to give you a step-by-step roadmap for success.

Our curriculum is action-oriented, deeply relevant, and rooted in skills and knowledge that can be applied to an array of professional and community contexts with ease.

We’ll walk you through the process of transforming your passion for birth into your life’s work—that you can actually make a living from, in integrity.


Our training includes access to hours of recorded video, extensive readings and resources, weekly integration exercises and assignments, and a life-changing coaching framework.

Most significantly though, our training is grounded in live, interactive teaching and coaching experiences with Emilee and Yolande every week, via the break out mentorship sessions (where you’ll actually begin practicing the work and honing your skills) and live classes.

Together, we'll be analyzing real-world birth-work scenarios & case-studies, and workshopping everything from your brand concept, to your copy and marketing strategies.

We'll also be inviting you into an intensive transformational coaching experience, designed to have you emerge with the inner resources to handle the real pressures of working in birth with grace and impeccability (and the skills to deliver the same powerful coaching system to your clients).


Once you enroll and classes open, you'll be welcomed into the private RBKS community network; a space for sharing, questions, and fellowship, where Emilee and Yolande will be spending time daily.

While the RBK School live online program runs for 12-weeks, enrollment includes a full year of access in the private student only network, as well as extended support in the form of quarterly integration calls at 3, 6, and 9 months post-completion.

Our intention with this program is to create the kind of container for community that will allow true sisterhood to blossom. Just as Free Birth Society has evolved from an online group, to an incredible global network of women who show up for each other, we can't wait to see how our RBK School sisters will stand together in this work.

Our school is not a training mill. We want to see you, know you, and support you in your vision for women and birth.

Our Curriculum:

Module 1: Self-Mastery for Lighthouse Birth Leaders


This module constitutes a complete training in the tools of Conscious Leadership, a coaching technology developed by the Institute of Conscious Leadership that will equip you with the inner resources to show up with integrity in every area of your life, (not just birth-work!) 


These tools constitute the foundation from which Emilee delivers her acclaimed transformative coaching, and they’re at the heart of how we’ve built a flourishing business through Free Birth Society courses. 


In fact, Conscious Leadership is the bedrock for the kind of birth-work that will allow you to perform at the highest level in every area of your life. (And check out Module 3–because that’s where we teach you how to deliver this coaching framework to your own clients.)


In Module 1 You’ll Learn:


  • How to set and maintain boundaries in birth work
  • How to come into relationship with your "hero" persona and serve women without "saving" them
  • How to quickly overcome your insecurities and establish a successful public persona
  • How to deal with criticism (and even haters) and use that energy to your advantage
  • How to engage in activist work with integrity 
  • How to be present as a mother, while fully engaging in birth-work (and everything else!)
  • How to settle your nervous system quickly, when faced with conflict or stress
  • How to effectively shift your relationship to money so that abundance flows easily
  • How to untangle yourself from the drama and gossip of the birth world
  • How to identify ways you limit your own success & wellbeing, and shift that dynamic
  • How to fully feel and express your emotions so that you can keep showing up clean and clear
  • How to truly live in your lane of genius 

...And so much more! 

Module 2: The Physiology of Spontaneous Birth


As a Radical Birth Keeper, your foundation *must* include a profound understanding of the mammalian chemistry of birth and its delicate hormonal matrix.

If you don't truly comprehend what normal, spontaneous birth looks like (and sadly, so many birth professionals don't) you won't  be able to support its optimal unfolding, or have the capacity to correctly observe a variation that could require medical intervention.

Module 2 offers a breakdown of holistic physiological birth like you’ve probably never encountered it before—from the perspective of birth as a normal biological event, rather than an inherently medical emergency. 


This approach will give you a comprehensive education in how birth actually works (when it’s not being sabotaged), so that you’ll have the ability to fully show up for birthing women with empathy, instead of fear. 


This module will also equip you to turn around and teach our curriculum to your in-person clients, groups, and to mothers and families online. 


In Module 2 You’ll Learn:


  • Paths to conscious conception and fertility awareness
  • How the system of industrial obstetrics functions
  • Why the hormonal blueprint of physiological birth is so crucial 
  • What freebirth really means
  • The truth about safety and risk and how to discuss these with your clients with integrity
  • What authentic prenatal care means and looks like
  • Ways to maintain and enhance optimal prenatal health
  • How to navigate and identify the many variations of normal during pregnancy
  • How to identify and support the holistic stages of the birth process
  • Ways to spot and handle the unexpected
  • Alternative perspectives on the distinction between variations of normal and emergencies
  • The benefits and pitfalls of induction, "natural induction", and “due dates” in general
  • When cervical exams come in handy
  • Surprising secrets for how to handle prodromal labour and “Braxton Hicks contractions”
  • Unpacking the "High Risk" label
  • Ultrasound facts and fictions
  • Ways of understanding and supporting pregnancy release
  • Approaches to supporting loss
  • How to recognize a healthy newborn
  • The holistic emergence of the placenta
  • Options for separating a baby from their placenta
  • How an optimal breastfeeding relationship is established, and what that looks like
  • How to support a sacred postpartum

...And so much more

Module 3: The Art of Birth Keeping


Beginning with an overview of the history of midwifery, radicality, and what it actually means to do radical birth keeping, this module will break down the politics, legalities, practicalities, and logistics of birth-work.
While it's one thing to understand physiological birth, it's quite another to create and maintain sustainable relationships as birth attendants, witnesses, consultants, or educators. 
Through in-depth case studies and collaborative critical analyses of birth stories, videos, and our collective experience as birth keepers, we'll cover how to actually embody birth-keeping through the lens of the tools of Conscious Leadership.

Using those tools, you'll discover how to show up for women and families in your highest integrity, and to navigate your interactions with grace.

With this coaching framework under your belt, you'll be able to facilitate a level of impact for your clients that will change the game entirely.


In Module 3 You’ll Learn:

  • How to create an incredible authentic birth community where you are
  • How to honor birth as a rite of passage
  • The complexities of the appropriation of birth by the industrial obstetric industry
  • How to structure a transformative prenatal meeting
  • How to navigate the politics and challenges of birth freedom advocacy
  • Why you’ll never attend a freebirth
  • Why you already have what you need to support women now
  • What it really means to “hold space” and how to do it
  • The subtleties of power in the birth-room
  • How to serve women with unsupportive partners 
  • How to handle hospital transfers with grace and power
  • How to coach your client through her fear of birth
  • How to show up as an expert in birth while centering women's authority

...and so much more

Module 4: Creating & Running a Thriving Birth Business


Without committing to creating a successful and profitable business as a birth keeper, you’ll burn out.

Module 4 is all about guiding you through the process of building a business that will allow you not only to pay your bills and support your family, but to do so with ease, confidence, and integrity. 

Each week will include specific action steps from this module that will move you towards the launch, or re-launch, of your birth business. 

We’ll be sharing with you everything we’ve done right (and wrong) business-wise, so that you can take advantage of what we know about establishing a multi-six-figure birth business in just a couple of years.


In Module 4 you’ll learn:

  • How to identify your birth keeper superpower (and you definitely have one)
  • Exactly how to set up your website (or tweak the one you have) for maximum impact and relevance
  • The fundamentals of growing your email list including the best opt-ins
  • Strategies for curating your social media presence (without spending your life online)
  • How to develop a communication strategy that makes you money, and frees your time
  • How to avoid making the mistakes we did. Yes, we tell all!
  • How to create a following without "selling out" 
  • Marketing and networking, in your local community and online
  • How to charge what you want to be paid
  • How to identify red flags and avoid potential clients who aren't in alignment
  • Best practices for protecting yourself legally and energetically 
  • Ways to engage with agreements and contracts

and so much more! 

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What our students are saying...


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Emily Bruce

The Radical Birth Keeper School is more than just a school - it’s a community of women who are committed to being in their highest consciousness and serving in their fullest integrity.

I have yet to come across another organization with as clear a vision and values as Free Birth Society!

Emilee and Yolande share hundreds of resources, along with live classes, discussion, and small group coaching. You are held accountable as a student and a birth keeper, and you are able to be intimately known and mentored as you journey throughout the months.

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Megan Kane

This course has exceeded my wildest expectations. The investment Emilee and Yolande make in each student is marvelous. Their collective experience and guidance is a treasure trove that I don’t know how I would find otherwise. The syllabus and the way the course unfolds is, quite simply, genius. I am very appreciative of the rich, fascinating and useful content, resources and the methods of delivery. 

The other sister students in the course are some of the most intelligent, willing and inspiring women I have ever met and the collective spirit is so up lifting. Meeting them through breakout sessions and having an accountability partner has connected me deeply to how I want to show up in my business and life. 

This course has ended up as one of the best professional and personal choices I’ve made for my life. 

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Sophia Williams

As an established midwife, I wasn’t sure how much would be applicable to my profession. My favorite section came as a surprise. I LOVED the “Self Mastery” module, and the business discussions with my break out group was amazing.

The practical skills and exercises on how to better communicate with not only the families I serve but in every relationship in my life was invaluable.

Learning how to bring up taboo topics and have honest conversations with parents has helped me build connections with families deeper than I’ve ever experienced. I feel so much more aligned with my values and needs as a Birth Keeper.

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Amanda MacGillivray

Every week that passes my jaw drops because of this program's utter comprehensiveness and richness. I'm only halfway through and I'm like, there's more??
Not only do I feel I have all of the tools I need to actually launch my business, but all of the wisdom I need to share with women that will help them to realize their power. Even more than that I've felt true sisterhood that gives me the confidence to do this. I kind of want it to last forever, but know that myself and the other women in the program have our work cut out for ourselves.
I'm not being hyperbolic, The Radical Birthkeeper School is a necessity for the future and healing of our world. Thank you Emilee and Yolande for this gift!
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Isabella Malbin

Since beginning the school I've attracted my ideal clients, increased my business revenue, released limiting beliefs around money and connected with incredible women all over the world, brought together by the desire to serve women in integrity.

I could not have asked for a better container as I shifted from industrial birth work to Radical Birth Keeping.

The Radical Birth Keeper School is truly a goddess-send.

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Clancy Allen

The Radical Birth Keeper School has been rocking my world. The topics, stories and collective wisdom shared has been so enriching and captivating. The magnificent community of women that I have been journeying with has been an unexpected gift. Birth work was previously lonely at times as I felt my views were too extreme, or radical, and not shared by many. 

To be sitting with women who truly feel the same about birth is so warming. I'll be sad when the course is over! I have learned so much to round out my practice as a Birth Keeper and am now a more grounded, conscious human in everyday life and relationships. 

A highlight is the Self Mastery Tools which are so relevant to the consciousness that is required in integral birth work. 



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"Upon graduating, I felt confident enough to begin my own authentic midwifery practice. But the best part really is the life-affirming support and sisterhood. That is pure, rare, magic."


~Adelaide Gross, @smallmagicbirth

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It’s time to become the lighthouse that guides women home

to themselves. 


Free Birth Society’s Radical Birth Keeper School

The Next Program Will Run September 1st - November 19th 2021
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