A guiding light and transformational safe haven to support you on your path to birthing in your full sovereign power.


The Divine Creatrix Pregnancy Journey  is a 5 week live spiritual and energetic ceremonial container to support you to have a gorgeous pregnancy experience, magnetize your dream birth and transition into motherhood with a sense of ease and deep surrender.

And as a special promotion we are offering access to our entire "Sovereign Birth Meditation Series" when you register for the journey. The Sovereign Birth Series is a 9 module course designed to awaken the ancient womb wisdom that is already inside of you. Profound meditations, insightful journal prompts, and transformative rituals help you to remove blockages and align your mind and spirit.

Sisters, I invite you to join us in birthing a new earth the way that our ancestors did - by leveraging spiritual and energetic forces together in Ceremony. 

Why? To transform ourselves, connect with each other and make quantum leaps in our consciousness.

In matriarchal times, women were truly respected and honored for their amazing ability to give life. Childbirth was a rite of passage to be celebrated.

Today pregnancy and birth are treated as medical events to be feared instead of a woman's greatest rite of passage. Our society has lost touch with our sacred ancient wisdom around this beautiful natural physiological event. We must take back our power and tap into this ancient wisdom again. 

As women, we are the Earth’s manifestation of the Goddess Creatrix that birthed all life in this Universe. And it is through our work that we will help restore the Earth to a place of balance, love and alignment. 

The babies coming through right now have big missions. As their mothers, we can do the deep work to cleanse ourselves of unhelpful and restrictive patterns that keep us from accessing our truth. It’s also critical that we come together as a community to support one another. When we are standing in our truth, power and authenticity as mothers, our babies can come in and accomplish what they came to do, with the profound knowing that we are here to support them unconditionally. 

There has never been a more potent and important time to step fully into our sovereignty to navigate pregnancy, birth and the initiation into motherhood from a place of deep trust and connection to our innate power. 

The future of our children and communities literally depends on it. 

Elevate Your Pregnancy

In this Ceremonial Birth Series, with the support of one another, the elements, our guides, our higher selves and the spiritual forces, I will guide you in 5 live sessions to journey into the depth of your being so that you can access that part of yourself that is always in alignment, is always trusting and is the authority of your own experience.

This program goes deeper than the mental level and works on the energetic and spiritual planes. It is designed to have lasting results as you will have the opportunity to go beyond the stories of the mind and release yourself into that part of you that IS ALWAYS IN ALIGNMENT. If there’s ever a time to be doing this on earth, it is NOW.

It is time to step out of the battle with outside forces that are doubting you and putting pressure on you to birth in a certain way - from friends to family members, to so-called “experts”. It is a huge weight to bear others' opinions during such a vulnerable and sensitive time of your life. 

To have the birth that you dream of, it is ESSENTIAL that you are seated firmly in your sovereignty and that you claim and affirm your rightful place as THE EXPERT of your own experience. One of the most powerful ways to accomplish that is to sit in ceremony with other women.

Nancy is a light and gift to this earth. Her gifts helped me so much during my wild pregnancy and free birth.


This journey of 5 LIVE ceremonies is a unique opportunity to commune with your higher self, your baby, your guides, the elements and the benevolent spiritual forces that are ready to help you invoke the highest vision possible for the initiatory experience that is childbirth.

I am ready to call in the highest vision for myself and my baby!

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  • Feel strong and confident as the powerful birthing Goddess that you are
  • Align deeply with your womb’s wisdom, innate intelligence and powerful intuition
  • Experience a deeper sense of connection with the spiritual world
  • Feel grounded and centered
  • Stand fully in your power and speak your truth
  • Connect profoundly with your body and your baby
  • Feel supported by a community of like-minded and like-hearted women, as well as your spiritual guides
  • Clarify how you want to move through your pregnancy and birth experience

Choosing to walk through pregnancy and birth in a way that is contrary to the rest of society can be challenging. Whether it’s your first birth or your fifth, each pregnancy brings its own unique journey and trials.

You may have nagging fears that come up to the surface.

You may know exactly what you want for your pregnancy and birth experience, but somewhere in the mind there are doubts about your abilities.

You may not know what you want for your pregnancy and birth experience and crave the clarity to move forward with what feels true to your soul.

You may feel isolated and desire a sense of sisterhood as you do the deep work of preparing to meet your baby.

You may feel pressured from family or friends to birth in a certain way that you don’t feel drawn to.

You may want to deepen your connection to your spirituality as well as your spiritual connection with your baby.

The Ceremonial Birth Series is for you if you are pregnant and ready to:

  • Stop outsourcing your power
  • Step fully into your sovereignty
  • Feel deeply supported by like-minded and like-hearted women
  • Become the authority of your own experience
  • Navigate pregnancy, birth and motherhood with a sense of deep trust
  • Feel held and safe to journey deep within to meet your Inner Birthing Goddess
Elevate Your Pregnancy

Our Journey Together- 5 LIVE Ceremonies:

We'll begin on September 21 and meet every Tuesday at 3 PM EST until our last session on October 19. If you can't make the live session, don't worry! You'll have access to the recordings for 6 months. 

CEREMONY 1: Access your Womb’s Wisdom, your Natural Intuition and Build a Foundation of Trust in your Divine Feminine Knowing
CEREMONY 2: Alchemize your Fears, Release All that is not in Alignment and De-program Negative Birth Images
CEREMONY 3: Step Fully into your Sovereign Power & Learn how to Lovingly and Fiercely Place Boundaries
CEREMONY 4: Open up your Mental, Physical, Spiritual and Energetic Body to Magnetize your Dream Birth
CEREMONY 5: Honor and Release your Maiden Archetype and Bless your transition into The Mother Archetype. (Even if you are already a mother, each birth offers a deeper dive into the Mother)

SACRED DIRECTIONS - We will begin by invoking the 7 sacred directions - North, South, East, West, Above, Below and Center - to contain us, hold us and guide us during our ceremony.

THE ELEMENTS - We will call on the support of the 4 elements- earth, fire, water and air to help us to clear energy we are ready to let go of and ground energy we are ready to call in.

MOVEMENT/BREATH - You will be guided through a short movement and / or breath exercise in order to open up the body so that it can more easily anchor in the highest frequencies we will call forth.

RITUAL - The ritual is the heart of the ceremony which will be a channeled guided meditation to take you on a deep journey to align mind, body and soul. Each guided meditation will work through a different theme, relevant to the processes of pregnancy, birth and motherhood - all with the goal of activating your Divine Sovereignty so that you can walk this path with full surrender and trust.

You will be given a mantra to further activate and help ground all of the insights that arise during our ceremony together. You can work with this mantra over the following week to help with integration too.

SOUND - I will offer a sacred sound activation with one of my many sound healing instruments and a song to complete our journey together.




Integration Exercises

In between each call you’ll be given simple and easy to implement rituals to help you integrate all of the energies that we called in during our ceremonies.

Private Community

To support one another and share between ceremonies, we will also have a private online space to keep us connected, answer questions and encourage one another. 

Sharing Circle

To further support your journey, you will be grouped with 2 other women immediately after each ceremony to have a 30 minute sharing circle. This will help you process, and feel seen and heard.

Access to"The Sovereign Birth Series" Course

As a VERY special bonus we are including our entire Sovereign Birth Meditation Series Course- a 9 module course to support you throughout pregnancy- when you enroll in The Divine Creatrix Pregnancy Journey.

I always enjoy Nancy’s offerings. Her spiritual connection and authenticity draw me to her work. I have taken a few of her courses and each one brings me closer to my higher self. Being involved with Divine Creatrix truly helped guide me during my pregnancy and supported me in crossing the threshold to motherhood. The visualization meditations were phenomenal. Nancy has such a way of guiding people in their spiritual journey.


About Nancy

Nancy is the creator of the Sovereign Birth Meditation Series and the Conscious Conception: Welcoming Your Spirit Baby Home programs. She is a mother of three, birth keeper, shamanic facilitator, sacred sound therapist, and women’s coach. Nancy also hosts women’s circles and teaches about the sacred aspects of the menstrual cycle to both adults and coming-of-age girls.

For the past decade, she has studied and participated in shamanic traditions from South America and Asia.

Nancy uses her gifts of voice, sound, sensitivity and connection to spirit to guide women from all around the world to awaken their ancient deep feminine wisdom, embody the Wise Woman within and live in truth and power.

I came to Nancy to birth my full embodied self and she guided me through several shamanic journeys which were truly amazing. I left the container feeling the most clear and aligned I’ve felt in a long time, and it’s stayed that way!


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The Divine Creatrix Pregnancy Journey



  • 5 Live Calls - each containing a Powerful Ceremony & Sharing Circle - 90 minutes / call 

  • Access to a Private Online Forum with other like-minded women going through the journey where I will be present to support you

  • Simple and Powerful Integration Rituals to perform between each call

  • Small sharing circles to deepen your experience and receive extra support

  • Recordings of every ceremony to access for 6 months

  • AND Access to the 9 Module "Sovereign Birth Meditation Series" Companion Course ($149 USD Value)
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