Join us June 20th - 24th 2022 for the Second Annual

An Exclusive Wild Women's Summer Solstice Gathering in the Blue Ridge Mountains

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danced under the stars...

howled at the moon...

and communed with fellow wild women?

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Everything we thought we could trust has disintegrated. 


Everyday, the depths of the control and indoctrination continues to reveal itself. 


We’ve lost friends and family from speaking our truth and questioned almost every aspect of life. 


Our entire lives have been forced online… 


The intensity of this time has been a struggle - the fear, heartbreak, upheaval of our lives, and new levels of terror moving through our bodies.


AND yet, more than ever, we’ve felt the longing for a new way of being on this earth.


A bubbling up, a remembering, of what this life could be. A hunger to find women like us.........

  • To be nestled in the Blue Ridge mountains, gathered on beautiful, sacred land with 200 other wild women

  • To dance, hug, smile, sing, and howl under the full moon like the wild woman you are -- sweat dripping off your forehead, feet firmly connected to the earth, and your spirit high on the sweetness of sisterhood!

  • To soak in wise woman wisdom everyday through workshops, circles and deep conversation.

  • To speak honestly and openly about everything and anything with women who *totally* get it. 

  • To have the deep ache in your bones for true sisterhood be finally filled as you share stories around the fire, hand your baby off to another, and sit in circle as women have always done.

  • To be far, far away from the masks, vaccines, and fear. 

Are you longing for real, in-person, eye-to-eye, skin-to-skin, sisterhood? 


It's time to go from feeling isolated and drained to knowing the soul nourishing, vitalizing, and healing force of authentic sisterhood.

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