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Are you ready to release your fears and actualize your dream birth?

The Sovereign Birth Series awakens the ancient womb wisdom that is already inside of you. Profound meditations, insightful journal prompts, and transformative rituals help you to remove blockages and align your mind and spirit.
Yes! I am Ready to Actualize My Dream Birth!
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You’ve likely done all the research. But despite all your studying, there are still lingering fears (even ones you know intellectually you shouldn't worry about). 

Or maybe you're not drawn to the heady stuff and are being called to sink into the mystery.

The random fears that arise, and the way that the naysaying of others can send you spiraling, are making you realize the deep roots of your negative programming around birth.

And everyone keeps saying birth is about surrendering… but you worry that surrendering is going to be challenging for you.  

It could also be that you’re tired of being pregnant. You’re meant to be glowing and excited, but you're feeling anxious and exhausted. 

You’re meant to just know if something is wrong during your birth… right? But, you often feel disconnected from your intuition.  

Really, what you want is to be able to say 'YES' to the entirety of birth. To not be scared, or resistant, or question your innate power. 

To get out of your own way and

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One of the most common reasons women transfer from their home birth is fear. 

Don't let your doubt surprise or sabotage you. Do the inner work now.

I Am Ready to Actualize My Dream Birth


  • Your birth happening exactly as you envisioned it
  • Working through your fears and limiting beliefs BEFORE your birth so that they don’t catch you off guard 
  • Opening to the sensations of birth with ease... (and maybe even with a smile on your face)
  • Having a sister guide you through the spiritual evolution of pregnancy and birth
  • Gently removing any negative programming from childhood, previous births, family members, and a lifetime of being our modern culture
  • Having these meditations in your back pocket during your birth process
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You’re committed to having a natural, peaceful birth. You simply need to identify and clear anything that could be in your way. 
That's exactly why we created the Sovereign Birth Meditation Series- to resolve any stuck fears, past patterns, and disconnection from your innate power, so that you can align your body, mind and spirit.
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is our in-house shamanic facilitator at Free Birth Society.

She is a mother of three beautiful children, two of which were free-birthed.

She uses her gifts of voice, sound, sensitivity, and connection to spirit, to guide women from all around the world in awakening their ancient deep feminine wisdom, embodying the Wise Woman, and living in truth and power.

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Guided, hypnosis-style meditations that access your subconscious mind, remove fears and guide you to open up to the possibility of a healthy, powerful birth

Potent journal prompts so that you can integrate this work and unearth anything hiding below the surface

Sacred rituals to prepare you for the transformation of birth, and awaken the natural intelligence within

The Sovereign Birth Series consists of 9 unique modules. Each module addresses a different topic related to pregnancy, labor, birth and motherhood. Each module contains the following:


A professionally recorded, hypnosis style, audio track that accesses your subconscious mind, removes fears and guides you to open up to the possibility of a healthy, powerful birth. 

These 9 guided meditations were written specifically for you during this precious time in your life and each meditation addresses a specific topic that affects you during pregnancy, labor, birth and motherhood. Nancy’s soothing voice is set to a very hypnotic background track that will put you in a relaxed state within minutes.

Not only will you be able to effortlessly work through different topics and issues by listening to the recordings, but you will also have 2 tracks that you can take into your labor. The more you listen to the recordings during your pregnancy, the more effective they will be. The more you listen, the more you will associate them with a very deep state of relaxation and having them on in the background during your labor will help you to open up to all of the sensations of labor with ease.


There will be an inspiring ritual to perform upon the completion of each module so that you can integrate the material into the deepest level of your being. 

Ancient cultures knew that in order to truly transform our consciousness, we need to sit in ceremony with ourselves, going beyond the rational mind.  Ritual is an ancient art and a way to help you anchor in wisdom, knowledge, experience or even a new way of thinking. They prepare us for transition and awaken the natural intelligence within. To have a powerful, sovereign birth you will need to drop into your primal self and allow your intuitive body to be activated. Because both rituals and hypnosis work beyond the rational mind, they are perfect companions in this course. 


These questions and exercises will help you go further into the layers of your mind and emotions so that you can birth in a fully embodied way. 

Think: sitting with a cup of tea, cozy in bed with your journal taking some time to do some serious soul journeying and reflection. When we ask ourselves powerful questions, we're able to see what is lying under the surface that may be inhibiting us from experiencing what we desire. To have a guide during this process is truly invaluable.

The Course Curriculum
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Exploring Your Ancient Womb Wisdom

Meeting you inner wise woman and building a birth altar

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Physical & Energetic Nutrition

Learning to trust your body and strengthen your energy field

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Your Dream

Visualization and communicating with your baby

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Transforming Pain to Pleasure

Training the mind to handle sensations and sensual stretching

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Releasing Your

Exploring the layers of your fears and dis-arming them.

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De-programming Negative Birth Images

Replacing negative images and releasing them to mother earth

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Surrendering to All Life

Learning to let go into the flow and primal dancing 

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I Am Capable

Positive affirmations for labor and birth and invoking the great mother

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Preparing for Postpartum

Honoring the transformation of the maiden into the mother

Yes! I am Ready to Actualize My Dream Birth!
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“This program is extremely transformational. I've been doing all of the meditations, journal prompts and rituals throughout my pregnancy and the wisdom I have found within myself has allowed me to fully tap into my deepest trust and intuition. I highly recommend this course to all pregnant women!

- Kelly, U.S.A.

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"Nancy’s recordings have helped me to reach deeper levels of acceptance and peace with my process of becoming a mother. I enjoyed the recordings and how each one gave me an opportunity to work with a different theme. I also loved the fact that they address the emotional and spiritual aspects of the journey."  

 - Sasha, Philippines 

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"I had such a beautiful and powerful birth. I had no fear and smiled throughout. The meditations helped me so much, especially with releasing fears, and not holding back when visualizing my ideal birth. It actually happened exactly as I envisioned it!" 


- Jessica, Canada 

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The Sovereign Birth Series is a powerful ally for you during your sacred pregnancy journey.

This course is designed to help you awaken your ancient womb wisdom so that you can arrive at the edge of the mystery that is birth and dive in, feeling capable and fully surrendered.  

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